Our Philosophy:

Given that discourse shapes beliefs, we recognize the importance of media platforms creating content from a philosophically leftist persepective.

With the largest outlets creating a narrative for more traditional political ideologies (primarily neoliberal, centrist, and conservative), there is an increasing need for leftist content as evidenced by the increasing popularity of platforms such as The Young Turks.

Tankie News Network (TNN) aims to provide a reliable source for leftist news, satire, etc. in an attempt to expand the availability and sources of leftist media.

Because TNN was created by leftists for leftists and others seeking a truly progressive news outlet, the platform will not only create leftist content but also be run using a leftist philosophy.

After costs of hosting, all earnings will be distributed equally to their authors based on the views generated by their content. The goal being: our writers will not have the value of their labor appropriated.

We believe media outlets that produce leftist content without adhering to an internal leftist philosophy are hypocritical and counterproductive to the leftist movement.

Ethical Media Platform:

Any revenue is generated through either Advertising, donations, or a future low-cost subscription model that will allow the user to pay $1-2 a month (depending on subscription length) in order to access the site without advertisements.

As previously mentioned, the site will then deduct the operation costs before paying out to each author based on the amount of revenue generated by their content.

While the site was created and developed by one of our authors, James Deal, any decisions regarding future development, business strategy, and other changes will be decided upon by all contributors since the vision of any sole individual is no greater than that of others.

Our Graphics:

Tankie is a pejorative reference to hard-line, pro-Soviet members of the Communist Party of Great Britain. In recent years, the term Tankie has been embraced ironically by the leftist movement as a means of referring to those holding more hardline anti-capitalist ideologies.

Because Tankie News Network intends to create leftist news network, satirical pieces, news, and other content written from the leftist lens, we decided to embrace the term 'Tankie'. The name TNN is also a play on CNN, which is inarguably a centrist/neoliberal platform only serving to reinforce the status quo political structures and its neoliberal policies.

Our site's graphics were intended to imitate the style of mainstream news network logos while incorporating socialist imagery. The rising sun in the site's banner is in reference to Maoist propaganda. The fist represents unity and solidarity with opressed peoples.

The work on the logo, graphics, and other site images are copyright of Tankie News Network and courtesy of Graphics Designer, Preston Sullivan.